Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For The Terrorist Of Sopore

Its beautiful,
serene, calm,
the snowcapped mountains
and along them the Jhelum,
with peace, evident

just look through pallhalan
to sopre the routine gun
induced hum-drum.

few potholes greet you,
then a group of children,
studying under a tree,
their school is the, rest station
for the personnel.
all around, one for every three.

fortnight ago
fifteen of them were killed, the children
by the brave personnel,
they be blessed.
most of them fifteen.
though militant nonetheless.

..One of them was
Ishtiyaq Ahmad,
killed of a bullet
of the free democracy..

let's pray he was innocent
in his early teen,
as it would be
a travesty
them turning terrorist
at the ripe age of fifteen..

must've ran on those roads,
roads of Sopore
must have bathed
and played
in the clear waters of Jhelum.

His heart must've leapt
at the new plucked, apple with joy.
Unawares of the approaching mayhem.

They say,
he was playing in lawns
when the protectors
with Kalashnikov came.
the bullet thrust him
and a Jihadi was tamed.

Our land, the great one,
must be proud of,the victory
of its free democracy
when a fearsome militant gave in,
patriotism rocketing sky-high
drowning the stage of ecstasy.

Let them come and go,
the separatists
stone pelters,
We have to protect
the greatest, grandest country,
at gun point, in need.

let us, let us all
make each one of them

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