Sunday, June 20, 2010

Do you miss me when it rains

And then she asked,
aross atlantic,over a phone.

Do you miss me when it rains?
I smiled,
and said..

When the winds blow
to conglomerate the clouds,
fallen leaves
of the old banyan rustle
and I hear,
..slowly but merrily
walking to me.

The blowing winds touch me
like you did.
..And I feel your caresses.
All the blisses.

The falling drops
on my balcony call out your name.
..I close my eyes,
and listen to the symphony.

And the clouds,
the dark black clouds
embrace me, as if it were you.
..& I feel loved.

Youre evrywhere love,
How can I miss you..

When it rains
I miss, that coffee
you made though...

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