Monday, May 10, 2010

Unknown To Me

An afternoon drenched
in the colours of rain,
I view it sitting with a coffee mug on a mahogany table
a crumpled black and white picture
In which I look a stranger
and I smile both in and out of the photograph.
Now,I am unknown to me.

The rains all spent,
the sounds,fragrance and your eyes,
all come running back to me.Until I run,
run with my thoughts.
Its you I imbue.
I am unknown to me

The coffee mug If I see closely, still
has the imprints of those small finger stains,
Though I rarely have coffee
only on noons when it rains.
And when I do, I reminiscence too of you perhaps.
I become unknown to me

The picture, of a summers day spent
while bathing in the rains just like todays
though it rained heavier then
or you held my hand perhaps.
And I forgot myself, I became you.

And now
I think of you almost never
just once in a while like this dripping shower.
and I've almost buried in memories how you took my name,
and the way you hummed it in the middle
then smiled,making me look into your eyes
and I lost myself,
I've forgotten the way
though at times I don't recognize my name.

Ah peacefully it rains soaking all the souls,
it was afterall long overdue.
And it rained out my heart of you,
Perhaps I've wet my eyes too.

And may be now I know me...

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Richa said...

VERY beautiful! Amazingly involving.. :)