Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Amidst all the hues of scarlet blood and hut muds.
watching all the noises and smokes perverting.
dreaming of the first rains healing me taking me with her
to places where compassion resides,paradox gnawing.

still somewhere there, look serenity arriving..

When words are not enough for verse,
and all the metaphors go unheard.
while protecting self from guns and deaths
so those rubbles of hopes aren't murdered..

revering to fly in the sky, to talk to the winds to be free,
to heal me from the wounds of rhyme from clutches of poetry

Its faith they are marauding
still somewhere there, look serenity arriving..

Redundant hopes,Refused acceptence
yet perseverance and truth colliding..
Don't let me go..

look serenity is arriving...

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