Saturday, May 8, 2010


On other days,
when frigid november winds flow,
I let you in with open arms
to feel you within me,
around me,caressing
with your gentle touches.
And your gentle dance,warmly
all over with glee.

But these days
I dread to look at you,
to know that
you won't comfort me,
your touches would not be caresses
but vehemently wil hold me.
And my pain will be your ecstacy.

I close my windows
cover them through my drapes
and even doors,
I lock you outside
and free myself of you
inside my cage.
and you cry
to be free inside,heavely.

Though you are around always
Yet I ensalve you outside
and we contradict ourselves,
How capricious are we O sun.


Kingshuk said...


Kingshuk said...

nice one...

Pankhuri Shrivastava said...

i was like what is he talking abt till i read O SUN. hehe funny :D bt once again a marvelous way of expressing summer nd the heat.