Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Summer Knocks

Silence breaths aloud
the slow but warm
wind outside
penetrates within
as I pen,
pen away my heart..

A storm brews
inside and out,
outwardly its calm..

A stereo plays distantly
or a child laughs
Its almost indecipherable
and I settle with the child
It soothes me perhaps..

As it swelters,
sweat drips upon the page
onto the words
and seeps past
things unwritten, unheard.

the heat is reminiscent
of something lost as well
a childhood may be

and the music of child
at distances but mute
again evokes me.

The silence deepens
as a void creeps in
something intangible
wants to be touched
my emotions dead are they

or the almost cool unphased heat
that side of my closed window.

And Someone thuds
both within my mind
and at the door,
summer has come,

It will be a long day
I am now assure.


Richa said...

Pretty.. The heat seems so vivid!

commited to life said...


Sidra said...

And people complain of going through writer's block :P

siddharth said...

That's it.
You like a seasoned poet now.
good very good indeed.


mast hai bhai