Sunday, April 4, 2010

Have You Seen Him

Have you seen him,
the one
who hides behind his words
evrytime the world comes
running for him
and then as if
their ain't a place else
drowns into them.

Have you seen him
who looks
at faces and roads
and dreams of things untold
then talks to the trees and birds
asking them the stories
that went unseen,unheard.

Have you seen him
who asks clouds
where they live
and unanswred runs behind them
just to catch a glimpse
of that abode
where peace resides.

Have you seen him
who sings
to the breezes and rains,
songs which still have hopes as word
and then smiles to himself
then on his thoughts absurd.

Have you seen him
who wants not to be seen
living in a world
where hopes still have a place
peace still a possibility
and utopia a known face.

Have you seen me...


Nisha said...

Yes.. I have seen The One & All,
I have seen you and me too. :-)

It's great yaa..

sachendra said...

its juz mind blowin man..
very nice among all ur posts i read