Tuesday, March 2, 2010

When Terror Strikes

Filled with anger and revenge,
He had come to kill to take avenge,
a walking death,
for those who could not
share his views
and to those who resisted him.

He had seen it all,
his Abbu dragged and killed
in front of him,
Ammi ,O Ammi burnt alive,
he knew pain and he knew wrath.

The stage was set
an airport with swarming people.
He had stuck to him all the powder,
to burn and destroy.
Taking a deep breath
He closed his eyes,
Prayed to GOD
For this little life
and while eyes closed smiled.

Life where was my life,
Abba who taught me how to walk
and ride a bicycle,
a smiling man,he remembered
he walked with a hand in his kurta
and other holding his stature from behind,
and he walked the same way too.

Ammi who cried seeing him
in tears ,even a drop or too,
but when she was dying
nothing he could do.
The men in the camp loved his biryani,
he knew who he had inherited it from.

A soft breeze came
enclosing the enclosed airport
as if her Ammi-Abba came
to bless him,with him now they were
had always been.
Seeing his younger self smiling
holding his Abba while his Ammi
calling from behind
in their ancestral village home.

Oh they lived with him,
they lived in him.
He'll have to kill both
to annihilate
and all of the breaths there too.
How could he,how could he?

Opening his eyes slowly
as if a million years had passed
and saw all the faces there,
numberless faces,among he saw a child
holding his Abbu and running
to the terminal
his Ammi falling behind
they stopped to let her come.

He had to stop too,
to let his Ammi live within
he had to hold onto his Abbu.
He had lost,he had died,
for his own death he now cried.

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