Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oh Calcutta !!

She stays with me
from my dawn at Elliot road to dusk at Victorian sites
and keeps my nights
alit with tangra delights.

I have seen her in all her faces
juxtaposing rock to robi
she distributes her love, revolutionary to poet,
or bagan to bengal,
If just once to her, you shrove.

From China gate to Anglo’s
she never does divide her drove
thakur and kazi too stay side by side.
never would she clove.

A lover
which never lets you go,
Lennon, john or Vladimir
all are hers
and that magician from Warwickshire
if had been here would've been its mayor.

And when October sky
is smoked with dhunuchi,
a new bride could be ashamed
of her beauty.
Just flow then with its vibe
let its music make you dance,
fall for her once
and she'll keep you in trance.

I have loved her
since infinity
and want to feel her caresses me
again anew, with her tender divinity.

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