Sunday, March 7, 2010

His Prayer

He was yet to take her to France he thought and cursed himself
What if he cannot, what if she goes without saying a bye?
He was not their when they had to take her.
It was as if last night he had told her
“Stay put will you. Till my meeting tomorrow." and she had assured him,
She never broke her promises. Then why now?

She bought the cashmere sweater last month for him in august
And he had said to her, "You know how much it costs."
Couldn’t he just have laughed?
If one last time he could see her, tell her what he felt.
What she meant to him.
And he instinctively joined his hands in a prayer.
"I am an atheist full time." he had once told her.

He saw her in college,
She was a junior
Amidst all the new crowd somehow
She had caught his attention
And he asked her to recite poetry
She did Shakespeare’s sonnet 105
“Let not my love be called Idolatry..."
And he knew he was in love.

He fell out of his bike,
It was a new year’s day,
Hand fractured, face mutilated.
He was almost seething in pain
And his pals laughing at him,
When she came to meet him,
And he thought he had seen two distinct tear drops
Forming in her eyes
And when she went seeing him all plastered
And not able to talk,
Closing the room door she ran
And he knew she was in love.

"You know how much it costs.
A cashmere sweater, that which I'll never wear too."
And he yelled at his wife,
She did not say anything but he could see
Two tiny tear drops forming in her eyes
And he recollected something similar from a distant past.
Now he cursed himself,
afterall he had married the woman he loved
And what if he cannot tell it to her.
He was praying furiously now

A woman in a white dress came,
Was he dreaming or was it happening.
She smiled and said,
“Congratulations, you have a girl. Both of them are asleep.
You can see them if you want."

A smile made its way into his face,
May be a dream had come true.


Arnav said...

Love :)
Amazing :)

commited to life said...

as always beautiful...

how do u think them and then write them so poetically..... said...


priyanka said...

Its divinely beautiful!!!!!!!!!
Love expressed in dose two teardrops
stole my heart.