Thursday, March 4, 2010

He Once Knew A Girl

Floridita, In London, It was almost midnight,

Glitzy lights turning faces into different shades

But his face was unperturbed, unlike the people with him,

And he said to his new colleagues,

"But the place I belong from in India,is an unknown place

You people won't recognize it.I lived in Calcutta

For a few years though."

"So,you are from Calcutta?".

It made him smile, Could he ever be from Calcutta, no he believed that he was

just a traveler who lived in Calcutta for a while,

this saved him from a lot of questions within.

He once knew a Girl from Calcutta; he thought and gave a soft chuckle

A girl who had many names, who loved to be called Queen Nefertiti or Miss Ballygunge,

Who loved to dress and had nine shades of almost same blue denim with her,

Favorite being the one she brought from Fashion Street

For five hundred bucks and boy was she proud of that purchase,

He could remember five different instances right now when she bragged about it.

She loved talking and always said, "Why are you always so quiet?" he smiled.

She loved Pablo Neruda and Keats, and loved him too for being able to write passable poetry

He once knew a Girl, who wanted to bear twins no more no less

As if it was they who could decide it,

Who called him and cried at two in the night for a nightmare she saw, involving him,

And he then sang ,'Right here waiting' to pacify her

And who after all that, woke up at six to wake him up.

Who could play the Hawaiian guitar to the tunes of 'top of the world'

And while singing made gestures to him that embarrassed.

Who said "It is for people like you that

strong deodorants and after shaves were made, use them. Will you?"

Who slept with a contorted smile on her lips and always a bolster by her side.

Who had a strange violet in her eyes ,

and wanted to name their dog violet

which they'll have when they get married.

Who could talk for five hour stretch a record he had monitored ,

but didn't tell him, about her illness for a whole week

and when she did,she did not cry and plainly said

maybe we should break up. Then he cried, for how long he never knew,

she held him patting his back, but she did not cry.

Refused to see him after her chemo started

and was strictly was on 'will talk on phone' basis,

took away all her photographs from him so that

he can forget her eventually

and when he came to see her after two weeks, did she finally cry.

Who wanted a recitation of Pablo Neruda's "If you forget me."

And he did ,but both of them cried with each word.

With whom his world ended.

Who still looked at him

Through a picture in his shaving kit,

Reminding him to use after shaves.


Arnav said...

Beautiful ! All your posts are so captivating ....

Prerna Munshi said...

I wish I had your writing skills! :)
Had an awesome reading! :)