Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Truth,Our Times

Truth is but a right we shall endow our people with.
oh truth it will be,a little maligned a little proportionated.
True blithe,truth a myth.

Cornered,chastised and contaminated
we are people of different hues but united.
And minor killings of the minority.
Is obviously required tool for our own sovereignty.

result of our own land for them being separatist.
though we will have to fight them stone to bomb.
And we will be victorious killing our own people with aplomb.

news makes money,truth seduced.
But the forth estate is uptight more or less.
A democracy of dictatored free press.

on chauvinism,jingoism nations ride.
We are nations not earthlings.
Oh what it'll take for us being human beings.

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