Monday, February 1, 2010

Of Yesteryears

The only window undraped
informs me of the drizzle outside
every other drape is covering
every other source of light.

And amidst number of orphaned pages
and a solitary cup of coffee ,still you'll find me.
"The more Coffee you drink
the less of an intellectual you seem ,silly."

while bringing another cup of your special espresso.
You hollered that scathingly

And how you licked your lips thinly
while saying that and sneer
then rubbed your fingers with your lips
in a way that they resembled cloths of cashmere.

That cashmere shawl still adorns my closet,
I dare not wear it though,of course
"A shawl for you another for me ,shall wear them together."
I've lost yours.

As the rain outside abates preparing for a walk,
I fold back those pages of letters,yellow old and oil smeared.
I read them almost everyday,thinking
How you can still make me smile without being here.

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Anonymous said...

so touching........great words...