Friday, February 26, 2010

For Hope

Somewhere in that distant sea
I can see him floating but he is not me.
For his hands still are trying to float
though he still is going down the large moat.

He still is fighting there,
still trying still a player
and I just look dejected and sigh,
no he and me are not nigh.

And i pray o lord let the soul be pulled back by a wave,
he drowned he fell mayhap he was naive.
call him back for he gave a fight,
let him be saved from this unwanted plight.

I am lost,I am worn
conceded defeat am lorn,
But someone in that sea still craves to let go,
to put his feet up to fight to plow.

1 comment:

Nisha said...

It's nice n interesting with a nice message('he was naive.
call him back for he gave a fight') which I like most. But a small mistake here I must tell u..the word is 'mayhem' not 'mayhap' I think or u please tell me if I am wrong.