Thursday, February 25, 2010

Animal Sensations

For some emotions cannot be worded
cannot be verbalized,
for they then can never be precise,
they can be but made to know
just through the bleary red eyes.

Not even human eyes,
a sensation only for animals
a pain only for them to claim.
verses cannot be the garb
to encompass my shame.

Let me be a dogs eyes,
let me forgive,
let me be a cows soul,
let me concede.
Let me be a human no more,
no feelings I want of deceit.


Ramesh said...

m feelin d animal sensation..wht a grt thought dude...

Arnav said...

Amazing post :)
Great thought .. but actually we were born as humans supposedly superior to animals .. but at times I wonder are we really superior to them ?

DO have a read @

Nisha said...

I don't wanted to comment on this too but I couldn't stop myself. Great work really.