Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Song For someday

Someday we'll know,..I know.
that why hope was crushed
and desires demolished
why silence was married
to emotions.

Someday I know,someday
The day is not far off.
When things will run their full course,
when lives will live
to their entirety
and songs would not be of lament
but felicity.

We will live to know,I know
why certain lives
were worthier than others
and why the strength to live
was couped by the power of death.
How the needs of the feebled,
the wants of mighty trampled.

But Someday..oh wishfully Someday
by some innocuous holy way,It'll change
Its true It can be felt,
On a quite sunny day
if I close my eyes
I can almost touch it.

A new day is being bred
a new love would be carved out
from the trees of tears
by a God who is readying himself to help us
face our fears.

A day when
success would not be
a possession of few,
when the pain would abate
and truth shall see
the light of day
and someday
daisies would bloom and last till may.

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