Sunday, January 17, 2010

Guerrillero Heroico

Rosario,On a dog day
with Sun Gods smiling buoyantly
saw first my travail.
of the Americas
and of the worlds.
sun always shone
a little meanly at times.
to me prevail,
But such were those times,ah times.

A physician,a thinker
and above all a man among un men
untamed among tamed.
In life I wanted to smile
like the rest
But t'was death made me blest
a smile made of
truth and comity.
A dream seen of equality
and a struggle against majority.

Guemillero heroico,not quite
I stood for all
with lesser might.
And I cried with them
And inside.
A quaint cohort of
wounds and words
my guide.

For all the bravery
I wasn't one.
it was all we had
weren't we equal
under the sun.
Some but felt more
and some thought it
their right
never had they thought of
the meek's plight.

Struggle ah struggle
was not the motto
it was what had been gifted
after all who could see
close contact with
hunger,disease and poverty
stupefaction provoked
by the continual punishment
that leads a father to accept
the loss of a son
as an unimportant accident.

And I fought,
fought till the breaths gave in,
Knowing that I was not immortal
and life had just begun.
quickly with its full run
A November cloud saw
holding head high.
A man looking death
into the eye.

And they shot
just nine times
to ensure that all was set right
but little did they knew
they killed,
they killed but a man.
I was set low but the thought,
the mind and sun
would always echo,

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eureka!!!!found a hard core Che Guevara fan....
i must appreciate u..guemillero heroic is done gorgeously.