Friday, January 15, 2010

Blood ( Dark Poem)

I can still see
the blood dripping,
drop by drop,
a ghastly red,
I touch it
and see it
more closely
a chill runs
through my spine,
and its still warm
it was
in the vessels
a few moments ago
flowing,perpetrating life
and then
it had to change
its path.

A soft glow
of red
into my hands.
As the blood dries
it leaves behind
a stench a smell
so powerful
that it can make u
scream,scream your
guts out,
out of paranoia.

But I swallow
and gulp it
within me
little saliva
remains into
the corners of my mouth,
licking it,
I smell blood again.

And I smile,
Smirk rather.
fourth in a month
but still all blood
have a definite
distinct smell
and I like them all.
Warm gut wrenching smell
it gives me a high,
as I lick my knife
one last time I release
a sigh.
Death and life
are tastefully nigh.


Suyash said...

Nice composition, well done!

Arnav said...

brilliantly Composed :)
Reminded me of the tv series "dexter" ( not the cartoon,but the serial killer )