Saturday, January 16, 2010

And When They Wake Up

Asleep they lie but O! lord
it , not would be for long
that they wake and belie
whatever ,have we been doing them wrong.

They sleep but now sun is on the horizon
to begin its voyage and with sun
will they rise and ask for
what is theirs , we must have none

What will we say o! lord what will we riposte
that we took it away when ours was nothing
but while they slept ,we stealthily crept
and theft them of the things had they cling

O! so dear to them
that they prayed it,their nature
sung and dance round it they called God
and now its no more,their treasure

O! lord their will be blood
I see a lot of red hue
on grounds and everywhere
on your feet too

As we fight
with your name
but perfidiously though.

When they wake up o! lord
shall we ask them to leave of the place
they breath on and were born
and would they concur o! lord with grace

And then their would be blood
on sand,soil and mud

My people have theft them and behave as if its theirs
and when they would belie we would call them nomad
and would fight them and some would die
more from them, death is the cloth will they clad

O! lord what fate
awaits them
when they would rise
for their lives.

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