Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What If...?

Have felt the glow of the morning sun
and tried to hold it within my palm
but then unclenched the fist to let it go
it was time for it to be back to its home its sun adobe.

Have seen the rains
and drew the beauteous portrait of them.
And gave it back to the waters
to let them cherish and smile.

Have flown all along
with the flowing breeze
Then came back when they met the horizon.
To let old lovers meet.

Have broken myself many times
and then again redid me,
learned to walk the path of rigors
and on my way to love have learned to let go.

Have acquainted many and let them intrude
into the world of me and then when the path of life's
of them crossed mine.
Learned to forge new bonds with time.

Have learned to carve my words on paper,
scattered all over like the night stars and the misty sky.
What if have to unfurl them someday
and bid them adieu say my byes.
My breaths will come full circle then
A pain so great It wouldn't be survived.

...A pain so great It wouldn't be survived...

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