Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our World

How we call ourselves
of the world
when our pretense is as if
it belongs to us
ours is the whole dominion of earth

The sea opening up
her bosom to us
and calls upon the rains
and we cleave it
our wounded waste
is all we have left
it to offer.

The rains
for themselves
have started being capricious.
Rain is a friend
which needs to be fed
and we only take
the debt is not paid,
and we
still hope,kneel down and pray
for it to visit
but seldom do we realize
it is but a precious nugget.

We still have a way,
be the proteus
befriend the nature
and let it
thrive,prosper and grow
understand that this is
our only chance
before alongwith
the earth we shalt be mowed.

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