Thursday, November 5, 2009

Would you

Would you hold me even when my shadows go,
Would you walk with me when its been raining all night,
smile at me when you see tears
hidden inside my eye. Would you be my.

Would you caress me with your eyes although thousands are around,
would you hold me close when melancholy autumn arrives,
and take me through all my days
weather they are sad or wry. would you be my.

Would you watch the night sky lying on the terrace squeezing my hand close,
say nothing and just embrace me holding the threads of our smiles
and say millions of things by your sighs and forever together
we will there lie. would you be my.

Would you be the pillar I've wanted all along,
would you be the power which helps me face the world
and still love me with my failures
not letting our love die. would you be my.

...Just mine...


Arnav said...

Every time I come to your blog, I am amazed... your poems are amazing !

Each poem of yours has left a mark on my heart ...

ashksymphony said...

great one....the emotions are deep....but from personal experience realizations are rare.....

abhilasha said...

itzz reeli!!

abhilasha said...

itz reeli awsum...!!

Manjari Singh said...

not into poetries n all. This is the only poetry blog I follow.

Just Awesome!

priyanka said...

Simply expresses the lover's feelings in one of the most soul- touching way