Saturday, November 21, 2009

Student To Teacher

Let me walk down
the path of unknown of knowledge myself.
Be the guide who takes me to that door
but then myself lets me explore.

I will fall I know
may be even afraid to tread more I'll whaddle
Though that is the whole point isn't it?
To let me at times stumble.

And when am down be there
to hold me,
to teach me,to mould me.

Be my foundation,
my pillar,
know that I believe you and I walked
as you said but I was just a beginner.

Teach me the world you know,
Far there up close,
make me understand it myself,my way.
Teach me don't impose.

My faith in me
will determine the man I'll be.
So harness that for me,
Oh! my guide,Oh! my tutuor.
Don't let me follow,please walk beside me
in my voyage of that great future.

1 comment:

priyanka said...

I wud jz like to say "Its close to my heart"