Tuesday, November 24, 2009

For the Non-Citizen

I know it is long but if you read complete it,then comment.it has a message not my message but the message of those who have been forgotten in the race for being the great superpower.

You may not hold my views but you can still read and think it over.

Thank You.

They fight
they kill
they ruin
against their
own rulers,their swayers
their own land
what do they want
they are as much the players
as much the citizens
as anybody else.
why don't they
participate in
the democratic process
why do they
need to be violent
and be the abscess
in the land
of a man
who abhorred violence
And why for God's sake
now have they divorced
themselves from
the comforting silence.

And that too now
when we are
almost a powerful country
on the verge
and the chumps
they are shouting
crying there dirge.

When humans
are not seen as humans
but resources
they become objects
don't they?
Objects and numbers
bereft of joy or remorse's.
When land is
not governed
but business deals
give decrees
what are the stakes
for the non share holders.
for the poor,the hungries.
Snatching away
your own land
where you've lived
for years
and offering money
for that.
evidently with tears.
And if you refuse
you are a hindrance
to progress.
who progresses
who regresses?

They could
voice there opinions
they can,
they can
participate in elections.
though they
are minions.
the great elections
where you can win
only if you
are a crook
along with money.
a name and
an established kin.
But they can
in the
democratic process
of course.
Of they'll be
after that disposed.

They can
be non-violent too
trust them
like that old man,
old man who?
They can go for fasts
and non-co-operation.
But fasts
how can they fast
when they
haven't had food
for many days past.
you cannot
go for abstinence
in sub-Saharan condition.
then what is left.
but pretense.

Sometimes ,
at times
it is immoral
to stand
against the gun.
Though it is
far easier,
to dispatch weaks
to let them shun.

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