Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cold Nights

That night when the frigid winds blew
as they are blowing today
I saw you smiling
amidst the stars
and took the shadow
of your smile with me,
as a debt I had to keep.

And as that smile
incinerated in my heart
I burned many dreams through it
to keep me warm for many days to come
dreams of tenderness,
dreams of love
dreams of intimacy.

Then the fire quenched
after sometime
and I had to repay
your smiles
through my tears,
tears flowing
through many wintry nights.

And now when
nights are cold,
I burn my heart
a little bit everytime.



jai ho dude . . :) maza aa gaya. Strong intensity cud be felt.

Pankhuri Shrivastava said...

hey!!!nice really nice. If I am not mistaken then are you from LNCT, Bhopal?