Thursday, October 15, 2009


There's a fool inside me
who thinks of untangling the strings
of this confused world,a world in rile
which makes me smile

In temples,In mosques,In Churches,In guns
people try to find there GOD
but not in truth in atraxis all while
so I smile.

They fight with all the weapons,
they kill and the naive me
thinks of replying them with love not guile
thinking of which I smile

To serve there own necessities
own happiness ,own luxuries
is what they crave for and I
think of serving GOD,no matter am how debile
I bow down & I smile

And to expect miracles
that peace will come
that belief would be reinstated
that humans will treat all the same way
and only in GOD would we be prostrated

to pray,to hope,to have trust in goodness
is for what I vie miles after mile
so that someday we all can smile


sweety said...

It is an amazing write Shekhar [:)] !!

It brings out a lot of passion that every youngster should have.. :) :) ..i seriously love the eyes in the picture i mean the main pciture!!

Continue with your good work and keep sharing the info.. [:)]

A wonderful write once again, congrats

Arnav said...

Interesting :)
Very thoughtful poem :)
I wish the entire world could think like that .. world would have been such an amazing place :)

Keep Writing and Smiling :)

sadaf ali said...

to-ta-lly fab.

sadaf ali said...
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