Friday, October 2, 2009


The rain drops fallin on the leafs would make a euphony
I would come near you while you are still asleep,
would then wake you up by letting a few droplets
fall on your cheek perhaps you'd sweetly peep.

And you'd be waken with a face as red as a cherry,
We'll not talk & still communicate through eyes,through smiles
The rain outside will make you squeak ,let you smile like a child
then may be you'll hug me & hold me tight for some while

The stars shining bright,
We would walk by the sand besides the river,
staring at your face I would caress you by my eyes
Will continue to do that till you smile & your lips quiver

And all the moments would seize to flow,
the stars,the moon would loose there shimmer,
as your smile would glow
more than anything ever.

1 comment:

Arnav said...

Nice ..
Very romantic..

Keep Writing and Smiling :)