Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Poetic tale

It is as if to look into
a night without stars
and filled with cloud
dark enchanting
yet magnetic,
the beauty the magic of thy hair
the shine is black but in all its blackness,
It mesmerizes,catches and holds me fair.

He hath not heard
neither seen nor praised GOD's earth
who is yet to listen to
thy caress like voice
like the voice of angels
thy enigmatic croon
hear thy melody,
thy divine tune.

Doth he
any thought
of what he hath missed,
he who hath
missed to see
your face a while to stare,
a chance to touch your soul,
to feel thy tender loving care

And now I see thee
hither hither calling her and thee look at me
becharming,enamor me near
and I loose all my senses
as with those dazzling eyes
and gossamer skin,holds me
and take me to thy bosom embracing
as I drown into thee.

But Alas I see blood dripping down
i am frightened,I perspire.
realizing all the beauty was a mere facade
as thee were a blood suckling vampire


Arnav said...

Interesting ..

Vampire in the cloak of love...
Well there are plenty such people around ... :)

Pankhuri Shrivastava said...

used very beautiful words...very nice :)