Friday, October 2, 2009

I'd still need some time

The pain still creeps in
vaguely though,

Even if time heals,
some time is still desired,
time to forget what occured
to forget that life had stopped.
Time till your image
in the heart of my wall peels.

To smile again,
I'd still need some time,
How can I again
live the life of love,
I'd still need some time.

Those eyes on me,
they still linger,
those smiles of love
come back stronger.

so how can I
let go all of it.
i'd still need
some time.

The path of love
still has its imprints on me,
I'd need to dust it off ,
To crawl back to life again,
I'd still need some time.

I'd still need some time.



nice work bhai . . i like this one. :)

Anurag Shrivastava said...

no time is enough to forget, to move on....always the heart yearns for more time to hang onto that hope of revival....true words sir...loved it