Sunday, October 18, 2009

Am I In Love

Those eyes
seem to trace me
everywhere all the time,
if ever
i can steal
some moments
and look
into nothingness
those eyes look at me
from eternity
and they
talk to me of things
that I have never known
of touches
I am yet to have
of kisses
still in my mind
of words still unwritten
but caressed
into my heart.

of a thousand colours
all at once
is what those lips
are made of
they bloom
they flow
and becharm,
and whenever
things are down
and out of
my hands
that smile
whispers in my ears
of promised days
of unlived nights
of the breaths
it holds
still unfelt
at my neck.

That dream
which recurs
to me every night
an angel
is in it
who holds me
and I drown in her
then she partakes me
into oceans
of intimacy
where those eyes
those smiles
and all I have
ever felt
impinges me
strokes me
into moans
of tenderness
and quietus me
but with life.

Am I in love...


Manjari Singh said...

lovely poem!

Arnav said...

Lovely poem,
I could sense love in every word of yours :)

Yes you are in love :)

Truly when in love , it feels like the eyes of the beloved are every where :)
The smile of the beloved can bring unlimited happiness :)