Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Poetic tale

It is as if to look into
a night without stars
and filled with cloud
dark enchanting
yet magnetic,
the beauty the magic of thy hair
the shine is black but in all its blackness,
It mesmerizes,catches and holds me fair.

He hath not heard
neither seen nor praised GOD's earth
who is yet to listen to
thy caress like voice
like the voice of angels
thy enigmatic croon
hear thy melody,
thy divine tune.

Doth he
any thought
of what he hath missed,
he who hath
missed to see
your face a while to stare,
a chance to touch your soul,
to feel thy tender loving care

And now I see thee
hither hither calling her and thee look at me
becharming,enamor me near
and I loose all my senses
as with those dazzling eyes
and gossamer skin,holds me
and take me to thy bosom embracing
as I drown into thee.

But Alas I see blood dripping down
i am frightened,I perspire.
realizing all the beauty was a mere facade
as thee were a blood suckling vampire

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Window,My Window

I can see a whole world through it,
my window,the window of dreams,
The summer sun,the winter chill,
the leafs of autumn,
the crystal drop of rains.
My window is witness to all.
My sorrows,my joy,
my pains.

I can see a kid
playing beside the road
an old woman crossing the streets
a beggar walking by,
the world is so small in my windows,
treating one another
so nigh.

Through my windows
I can look as far as I can
there are no boundaries except my eyes
but then how did
we humans created differences
when an obtuse window
could discern that all are equal
there need not be any preferences.

My window sees all the same
all are men all are one
and are in it for equal frames,
but windows made me realize
that it is us humans that
we tried to tame
we have made walls,
on GODs land have we laid claim.

unlived unbreathed
but still so correct ,so sane
I pray GOD is looking at us
through one such
window pane.

Am I In Love

Those eyes
seem to trace me
everywhere all the time,
if ever
i can steal
some moments
and look
into nothingness
those eyes look at me
from eternity
and they
talk to me of things
that I have never known
of touches
I am yet to have
of kisses
still in my mind
of words still unwritten
but caressed
into my heart.

of a thousand colours
all at once
is what those lips
are made of
they bloom
they flow
and becharm,
and whenever
things are down
and out of
my hands
that smile
whispers in my ears
of promised days
of unlived nights
of the breaths
it holds
still unfelt
at my neck.

That dream
which recurs
to me every night
an angel
is in it
who holds me
and I drown in her
then she partakes me
into oceans
of intimacy
where those eyes
those smiles
and all I have
ever felt
impinges me
strokes me
into moans
of tenderness
and quietus me
but with life.

Am I in love...

Thursday, October 15, 2009


There's a fool inside me
who thinks of untangling the strings
of this confused world,a world in rile
which makes me smile

In temples,In mosques,In Churches,In guns
people try to find there GOD
but not in truth in atraxis all while
so I smile.

They fight with all the weapons,
they kill and the naive me
thinks of replying them with love not guile
thinking of which I smile

To serve there own necessities
own happiness ,own luxuries
is what they crave for and I
think of serving GOD,no matter am how debile
I bow down & I smile

And to expect miracles
that peace will come
that belief would be reinstated
that humans will treat all the same way
and only in GOD would we be prostrated

to pray,to hope,to have trust in goodness
is for what I vie miles after mile
so that someday we all can smile

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dinner Party

Shabby,Unkempt,hapless was he
& a few bread crumbs
in his hands
were all that you could see

Being the only glittering gem
peeking out the ragged skin
& the wrinkled face,
sitting at the corner,near the bin

Slowly savoring every bit of
the bite he could take.
started putting them into mouth
He had after all had his bread cake.

An old friend came unannounced
then barked
they knew each other from before,
days gone by of hunger darked.

They had quite a many
dinner out of the waste bin together,
demanding exigent was a friend
and he knew what he wanted,his part of fodder.

The friend licked him relishing the food,
they both smiled
continued savoring
GOD's precious gifts and dined.

And a car went pass them
the closed windows opening
throwing the uneaten ,unused grubs.
all in a fleeting second
The man looked at the car
and then his friend and smiled.
thrown wasted food tasted good.
he always reckoned.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Half Filled Letter

A letter half filled with words
& half with words still unfurled
waits to be completed,
I have kept a pen by its side
just to keep company
to make it feel like something
being thought about
still looked at
but the truth is,
it isn't
to think of
that letter
frightens me
to no end.

Because I can never put
your eyes into words
neither those lips
which quivered
when it took my name
can be exchanged
with any
worldly word.
The letter waits
for words still unmade.

How could those wordless talks
be put the other way
those eyes which looked at me
& then at the ground
saying infinite things,
still more quietly.
The day when I started
to put my thoughts
into words
& the night before
when rain fell
and you departed,
you'd said "I'll be back"
but never came.

I kept on waiting
and still wait
when rains fall
but they don't bring you with them
me I am always looking out of the window
into all shadows but they say you're gone
you won't ever come
and I still wait just like
that half filled letter
of unfulfilled emotions,colourless hue
of incomplete me,
Unsaid you.

Friday, October 2, 2009


And they fight
for the possession of land
when numberless
spent there life
on landless huts,
but they
do not worry about that
it is their pride
at stake
if they do not have
that priced land slice
on the other side
& on their side
a whole race dies.

They make weapons
which can kill millions
at an instant
but they
do not know
about many millions
who die
of the want
of food
on their streets cripple.
Streets which
are burning
with rage against
their own people.

Amazed and wondering
at what they want
to lead
what they want
to govern
their helpless humans
or lifeless pieces of land

I'd still need some time

The pain still creeps in
vaguely though,

Even if time heals,
some time is still desired,
time to forget what occured
to forget that life had stopped.
Time till your image
in the heart of my wall peels.

To smile again,
I'd still need some time,
How can I again
live the life of love,
I'd still need some time.

Those eyes on me,
they still linger,
those smiles of love
come back stronger.

so how can I
let go all of it.
i'd still need
some time.

The path of love
still has its imprints on me,
I'd need to dust it off ,
To crawl back to life again,
I'd still need some time.

I'd still need some time.


The rain drops fallin on the leafs would make a euphony
I would come near you while you are still asleep,
would then wake you up by letting a few droplets
fall on your cheek perhaps you'd sweetly peep.

And you'd be waken with a face as red as a cherry,
We'll not talk & still communicate through eyes,through smiles
The rain outside will make you squeak ,let you smile like a child
then may be you'll hug me & hold me tight for some while

The stars shining bright,
We would walk by the sand besides the river,
staring at your face I would caress you by my eyes
Will continue to do that till you smile & your lips quiver

And all the moments would seize to flow,
the stars,the moon would loose there shimmer,
as your smile would glow
more than anything ever.