Thursday, September 24, 2009

Moral Alms

Abuzz with activity,
the big city square
shines bright,
cars passing,
running by.
Walkers savouring
the panorama
of light.

He tries
to get close to
one of these
big cars,
with windows closed
knocks at
breath bated

A lot of knocking after
on different windows
different hues
when the amber turned to green
they passed him by,glaring a maddening whiz
and he stood gazing
looking at his naked preen

Seems like
today is no festival,
they don't need to
give him alms
to feed their
own conscience,
no important religious ritual
to comfort their own vice.

Seems like
he would stay hungry
& wait for them to
feel guilty enough to
offer him something,
to remain pity
in order to
get their piety.

To wait
for them to be
hungry again
for their moral alms.