Sunday, August 30, 2009

Story Of stars-Children Poem

Often I wondered
with amaze
at the night stars
& their twinkling glaze.

On a clear
moon lit night
can see
all stars glowing bright.

Countless Stars
their countless Abodes
an unknown traveler
alone on numberless roads.

hesitatingly Confronted Father
one such night,
asked the story of stars
their birth & blight.

God created them for all of us
each star for each man on earth
look into one select it as your pal,
share with it your sorrows your mirth.

I understood it all then
with smiles & glee
though looking into grown up world now
it baffles me.

If God is so merciful
so as to have infinite stars for zillions of men
why ain't Earth equal
for all of us then

1 comment:

Arnav said...

AMazing ..Right question asked at the end .. it nothing but greed my friend the greed for more, the greed to have the most...

Keep writing and SMiling :)