Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Plate Full Of Mirth

Never really rich,was he.
neither did he aspire
for money a lot.Born into a huthold
where money was earned & spent the same day,
they did send him to school though,
with glee.
till he could write his name
& his fathers may be.

After some years the school fee
became almost equal
to the amount to be paid for
a few kilo of rice
& he knew,he was enough shrewd
that school would have to
be bartered for food

& he started working with his Bapu
on the constructional site,
now two earning members
in a huthold of five
made it easy a bit,where chances
were always bleak
& they started
having vegetables two days a week.

but fate,
took Bapu away,
or may be alcohol did.
But now vegetables
once a week
was what he dreamt,of late
Always though it was
an empty plate.

Once when his mother became ill
his sister came to give him his lunch
she never looked up
just came & went
but the labour head of the site
offered him to give a raise,
starting that night

He stabbed him
with the empty liqur bottle
of that man.
He was sent to
jail for a few years.
He was bewilder
who was ethically wrong
he could not decipher.

The time finally arrived
back he came from the jail
with a renewed zeal & vigour.
His dignity on bail.

And today the night was dark
now he would break
into that mansion.
he wanted vegetables
four days a week,he would have it.
having his self worth
on sale
for a plate full of mirth.


angel from heaven said...

Well written , highlighting so many poor peoples plight.

Sorcerer said...

i think iam comin across ur blog for the first time.
well nice poems..
keep em comming

good ones

the insider said...

I love the way it's written.

Keep Writing

gargi said...

this is really good yaar!