Sunday, July 12, 2009

Writer's Block

When my words fail me,
there's nothing
to look forward to
& even to feel.
For it is my words
which cater me life
its hope.
It is my words which
let me fight the world
its bitterness
& keep me going don't let me kneel
My words,they heal.

when my words fail me,
nothings left to try
not even the breeze with all
its care can cheer
neither the face with
love & smiles
but to wait in melancholy
to breath heavy
to grope solitude
see the rusted winds
to moan & sigh.
For it is my words unstraining me
& making me fly.

when my words fail me
the shadows turn gloomy
everything is so worthless
The earth does go round
but does it matter to me.
Somedays when they do fail
nobody laughs anymore
there's no pain,
I turn numb
neither am I reasonable nor insane
they are my life,they are my blood.
My words complete me,
without which I am absurd.

When my words fail me
a void creeps in
without any me
free of any worldly you
as when my words fail me
I fail too....


Anamika said...

Bravo! man u actually pour out d feeling's of a true writer...!ur poem resemble my feelings for!bong connection dekha writer's connection..lolz....well done!

Ekata Banerjee said...

this was a wonderful poem..loved d words n b'fully expressed.. :) u do hav d potential of a gud writer.. :) keep writin

Adisha said...

I can so relate to this poem. It's freaky !!!! Well done ...

Saurabh Roy said...

ok first male to comment on this it seems.... :) Dude u are quite a poet...amazing work...keep it up

angel from heaven said...

You call this piece of art writers block??Beautifully scripted.