Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ode To A flea

Mighty flea,
who can I write a hymn on but thee,
Shall I compare thee to the winged fairy
or the gentle blood suckling vampire,
Well its true thee suck blood
but its just a pint or two,
& those who call the fly
a menace just conspire.

The flying Elysian,
art thou from heaven,
no how can it be,
you belong to this earth
just like me,
the gift of almighty to we.
but never do debile human
realize thou worth,

How can anthropiclings call Flea just
a mindless sucker,
but you absorb the unused
worthless out from us,
shouldn't then
we call thee
provider of
loving buss

But look at us the despicable thankless
we call flea names
saying things we should seldom utter to
beings as lofty as skeeter
but then thee do realize,
we are just as powerless in front of divine epizoon
as was Napoleon in Waterloo

The droning warrior,
is there anything the flea fear.
How ignorant can I be,
some Obama named bully,
used a weapon to execute thee
but I apologies
it was just too advertise
that he could slain the same way all the terrorist with plain glee
as he did to the lonely weak flea.

But oh when thee sting,
sting with flea anger
Proving to all
weather Obama or Joe the plumber
the dangerous wrath
to every man.
They'll forget this way
to swat you & say,
"Yes We can"..
"Yes We can"


gargi said...

anthropiclings.........what does this mean?
and this one is quiet diff coming from you! coz its hilarious.

CRD said...

A flea??

Are we dealing with a serious infestation somewhere?