Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh! My Country you are Great

Twenty sixth was the day...a few bullets woke us up
& many went to sleep.
May be a bullet reached us too,
made of anger,pain & agony.
But then..was just a bullet,wasn't it.
may be someone just plugged it out from us,
now we are not anguished annoyed anymore.
back to our older lives daily chore
of earning ,eating,love & hate.
Oh! My Country you are Great.

This land belongs to Farmers they say,
growing crops & a bit of hay,
but now they have started to kill
themselves off.
but who cares,
we get our grains from distant shores lands far off
made of their scientific rains.
Lives of farmers,that doesn't scoff.
Peasants let them blate.
Oh! My Country you are Great.

Some of them do make a hue & cry
for there needs & want,
but the authorities
and its power is when flaunt,
they die & we just ask why.
People who do not come on screens
or e mails aren't Humans for us anymore.
What Lalgadh or nandigram
we don't have time,we can't wait.
Oh! My Country you are Great.

There is an India beyond the periphery
of our homes too,
But for us,its just the men in blue,
to clap & cheer for them,
just them,would that do.
Three million still sleep hungry,
Girls still immolated for dowry.
But thinking of them wouldn't vex Mate.
Oh! My Country

...you are Great...


sajith viswam said...

It is the love of country that has lighted and that keeps glowing the holy fire of patriotism...

good work Buddyy..


Sumit said...

that's an 'in your face', honest work and you state the truth mate. but then, where lies the solution?

Anamika said...

Vry gud! now dats wt i wanted to read......apart frm routine luv,nature, ppl n bla bla..poems....! WELLDONE...