Thursday, July 16, 2009

Female In Love

She Could Not Fathom It,
It Wasn't Like This Before
Or Was it always
& was just she
who refused to see it,afore.

But all Was mushy & merry
At The beginning,
Sweet Nothings On the Phone for endless hours
For long wide & far
talking of Nothing & Everything.
But The Calls now Like his expressions
Were Becoming lesser & mar.

She thought It was Just Her mind
that Is used to flinching
thinking of the ship being sinking
Dreaming the of this trash
But Now she Could See It.
all is going too crash.

After The Initial Flame
Died down,
rarely would they chat
where one of them would Not spat
& Now he had Not called her
it had Been a week.
She was Angry & hurt
everything looked bleak

How Could He do it,
She thought,
she had been a blind Buffoon.
Living in her cocoon.
He was Always yelping
busy was his second name,
he couldn't save Time
How could she blame.

Then She tried to trust,
But how he always had time
for every other thing,He must.
what if He Was shafting
since the start
may be he was just playing with her,
perhaps he never loved her through heart

Oh!! what A fool
she had Been to let her be a tool
Not To understand then,
but now it was clear,
It'll Not Work This way.
She would not let herself
cry all night & day.

Why should She care,
when He does Not,it was know naked bare
Why Should She be The one
To pick up it all,
She should rather let him go,
perhaps she'll leave Him
once it for all

Ah..!!! The Phone rings..
She picks It Up..
He sighs,
"Hi...!! I Know I Have Not Been Good.
But I Missed You
All These whiles
I Really Did
You know last night I cried like a kid"

She Could Not Hear
Anything After that,
He Missed her
He Did...
She was crying But
she was happy,happy like a kid.

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