Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Man Died

I wrote it because I do not know what is wrong or correct but I know that there are certain things no matter how much you have weighed them in your thoughts you find yourself lost after committing them.

"A Man died"
Depicts how a man no matter how reluctant & how correct by his standards to do something is still wrong & yet no man is wrong if we take into account the circumstances.

in front of him it lay
It is a gift by the well wishers
said they.
But could he take it,
wasn't it evil.
questions came
& went past his mind
But shouldn't he respond,
it was unbecoming of him to be unkind.

Then remembering all those times
of childhood present & lures
when mom said,you can never have
over which theirs no right of yours.
Having something
that way
is like stealing
& you cannot be a thief
lest you want to blot
the family name by your mischief.

But oh!! lust oh satanic lust!!
he wanted it so badly
& did he wish it was his,
if it was he would take it up gladly.
it was something which could be
a panacea to all his ills.
Goodness on the other side said ,
what cure can poison do.
Alcohol is good just for a few loose moments.
For rest
it just torments.

The conundrum,the confusion almost killed
But the face of his daughter
came to him
yet to be wedded to be given at the altar
they need money for it
don't they.
To give somebody in order to
get the guy to buy her or wed her
whatever they say.
he didn't care
it was what society had designed
& he was no one to question to waiver.

He would rather have it
why wouldn't he,
What had he got for not accepting gifts.
They were so real so true,he could see.
Unlike those false
morals mocking myths.
He placed a hand over them
to feel them ,the smell
Oh! so intoxicating like an age old wine,
yet so new as if he knew it well.

He took it,The bribe
& exonerated,sighed.
That day a Man died.

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prerna said...

"Alcohol is good just for a few loose moments.
For rest
it just torments."