Saturday, July 4, 2009


Oh!! mighty human tell what is there to live for
but not thy dreams
& to breath for
but humanity.
To touch every soul
so its core is purified,
to feel heaven
to pray divinity.

Oh!! the most baron specie say What thee aspire
if not the greatest of joy.
But is it derived from
money,gold or any worldly toy.
It is to be made through the love of
meek,the weak the tired the lost.
Make them feel special,
special at any eldritched cost.

Oh!! noetic wight What would thee have,
for thy is the whole length of universe.
Though it is to be earned by the arduousness of your work
& not by any manner else regardless how terse,
paying through that cherished sweat
then to give it back to the mortals of earth
knowing that thee could have had all of it,but for the smile of those for whom
thou just threw & presented as a gift,coginited by that unsaid inner mirth

Oh!! children of the LORD be humble
& thee will know that almighty is with thou
for how can he love those who brag who boast.
but not you,who loved him back who did bow
to infer that everything thy had
was actually his
& everything at which thee failed
was his Wish.