Friday, July 24, 2009

Kashmir Mountains

Old mountains
what not have you seen,
you've seen me beautiful
draped in the white flakes
like a wean.
Through snow which covers you now
& you've seen me
in my former self,
as I should be,
The tranquil queen.

Adobe of peace
the miniature of heaven,
but now what remains
is just cavern.

Oh Quondam Mountains,
You've let me
breath life into you
now you see me thrashed,broken.
helpless without clue.
You've seen guns of multitude
& men in green uniform fighting
men in adorns undefinable,
Some wicked some destitute
At times even no men at all.

Do you see the white hue
of the vale
turning into Red
bright red but pale.

Great Mountains
I've made you,
I am your creator
& Now You see me eroding
The slow death of an old mother.

But tell to Oh Mighty Mountains
Them who have made me red
& now are seeing me walk to be dead.
Remember the fallen blood weeps,
Blood never sleeps.


Anamika said...

Aah! b'fully xpressed.....well framed.

sajith viswam said...

I dont noe words enough to appreciate ur poetry!!!



Arnav said...

Beautiful :)

angel from heaven said...

well written and I love the sentence construction.