Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Are you afraid of yourself
that you'll outshine your mediocrity
meliorating your ability
Thence society'd shun you as they do always,
to them who out do it,cerebrate.
Remember society in its own
joys of self-righteousness is inebriate

Remember old man Copernicus,
made to drink Poison for church's name,
who said It is not earth
the center of universe
but is,just a part.
The truth it is out
& dropped of the precipice.

The church,the society.
They could not believe him.
its not true against the norms.
They had him behind the bars
because of there whims.
Is this the society
you want a part to be.

And he is not the only man,
they've come & gone
& even Prophets were not spared.
Jesus was hanged,
For Hoi Pollois sanctity
Wasn't he great too.
But such is our society.

You are GODs child do not forget,
How can you not let
his glory be sent all around,
your playing small
would not serve the purpose,
Do not shrink so that others around you do not feel
insecure dead tumulus .

Let your light shine through
because when you let it too,
you give others
with yourself a chance to redeem,
to prove themselves
to go through.

Do not thrive to be equal,
be a step advance.
So that the world grows with you,
For once give your self a chance.


mohit said...

Wonderful !!!!!!!!

Anamika said...

Prtty positive lyns.....Luved it!

angel from heaven said...

very well written .A person should never be scared to show ones identity.