Friday, July 24, 2009

Idyllic Life

To walk on & breath the sweet odor of rain,
In my unknown hamlet ,own grounds.
How calm it makes,If pastoral I could live,
bereft of uncaring town surrounds.

Blest would be I to,walk in the rain,
neither run,nor hide ,but unwind.
As a stroll when its pouring would make me free,
of conundrums dwelling in my mind.

And I wish my GOD on my ground I live
be bucolic ,walk the rain.
with the easing charm of the falling pours,soothing my life,
blase of City life bane.

Let me thrive nameless,unsung
In the falling rains,may my breaths lie,
Placidly would I pass my days
Uncried,Obscure but happy will I die.

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