Thursday, July 2, 2009


I wrote it keeping in mind the situation a child would face in inhuman conditions where people live rather just slowly die worse off than animals.Places like Sudan....

An Ode to their tragedy...

The end beckons
it is inevitable
& the truth is
I long for it
I know it would render
the peace,
ataraxis that never could
I have had
in the lifeless existence,that myth.
I was bestowed with.
perhaps it would wash me of my sins
make it even
sins owed for which
I was allowed to have
a dead liven
never did I knew
when I committed them
as in this life
I was not allowed to breath
let alone to
have perpetrated some crime
to have a lifelike death.

I have felt this
hollowness inside,
rotating ,convulsing,
ever since
I opened my eyes
to the world
& now it feels
I would be engulfed into it.
Perhaps that would
better be,
may be the pain
would die down,
along with me.

Oh food,
yes they sometimes
talked of it,
My mother died wailing for which.
I haven't seen
what it looks like
how is its face,
but I know its beautiful.
As everytime
I am closer to being numb
they drop something in my mouth
to be licked & yelp
& say
"Proper food could help."
But now they have no hope,
they say
I wouldn't be alive much long,
If this life
& its ways by which you live,
then how is death wrong.

The hollowness grows,
void inside me flows,
In moments
not far from now
I'll have a peaceful end
Perhaps this is what they mean when
they say that
Death is GOD send.

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Adisha said...

Such sadness :( ... amazingly expressed