Monday, July 27, 2009

Defining Love

Have you ever looked at her smile
& tried to breath
in the same moment,same while.
Then Realizing how operose it is,
left trying
being at the mercy of that smile.
That is what it means to
live & die in the same instant.

The way your words leave you
when you have a river of thoughts flowing,
it is she in which your mind lets you incarcerate
but every time you try to
verbalize the flow,
somehow it evaporates.
Is it what they mean by being
Out of words.

...Is this love what they talk about..


angel from heaven said...

Nice descriptive poem on 1st love maybe??or is it infactuation ??

Arnav said...

Very intense :)

Keep writing and smiling

saumya shrivastava said...


sunny said...

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