Friday, July 10, 2009

Blind & Insane , Me

And again
they crusade for
there faith,
as if it is a toy,
mine better than his,
providing greater joy
As if my GOD would give me
his bread,
& accepting mine than
would render him
place to live,clothes to cover.
What if he doesn't
well,a life of death a voyage to suffer.

But Oh!! mighty Lord
why can't I see the
difference between them,
their broken lives
distorted mind.
Perhaps it is me who is insane,
it is me who is blind.

I know they are
different though,
but I see
the same reap,the same sow
& my eye yells & cries,
Look they have the same colour,
same face ,same eyes

& if they laugh
which they rarely do now
they have the same facade
of smile too,
the same curve is in their brow.
But it is not true,
they are unlike.

Their books are,
& so is
their smiles,their pain.
GOD must've created them dissimilar.
It is me who is blind
perhaps also insane.
& I can just see blood flowing,
that too from both of them,
the same hue of red,
which keeps growing
But I am sure
it is different too,
it must be,it has to.
Blood can't go vain.

Oh!! What a grim blind Am I....
....Blind & Insane....

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