Tuesday, July 28, 2009


A Bullet was fired,
It Killed,
A father's dreams
The hope of a mothers of her son to come,
Child who was waiting for his toy gun
Sister whose brother was her Pride
A girl who had just became a bride
And May be An army Man too.

A War was fought,
Two Armies comprising humans,
Two Countries made of humans,
Some leaders I doubt if they are humans,
Selfish human egos,
Absent human pathos.
And may be It was won.

Was It...
Worth it...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Defining Love

Have you ever looked at her smile
& tried to breath
in the same moment,same while.
Then Realizing how operose it is,
left trying
being at the mercy of that smile.
That is what it means to
live & die in the same instant.

The way your words leave you
when you have a river of thoughts flowing,
it is she in which your mind lets you incarcerate
but every time you try to
verbalize the flow,
somehow it evaporates.
Is it what they mean by being
Out of words.

...Is this love what they talk about..

Friday, July 24, 2009

Kashmir Mountains

Old mountains
what not have you seen,
you've seen me beautiful
draped in the white flakes
like a wean.
Through snow which covers you now
& you've seen me
in my former self,
as I should be,
The tranquil queen.

Adobe of peace
the miniature of heaven,
but now what remains
is just cavern.

Oh Quondam Mountains,
You've let me
breath life into you
now you see me thrashed,broken.
helpless without clue.
You've seen guns of multitude
& men in green uniform fighting
men in adorns undefinable,
Some wicked some destitute
At times even no men at all.

Do you see the white hue
of the vale
turning into Red
bright red but pale.

Great Mountains
I've made you,
I am your creator
& Now You see me eroding
The slow death of an old mother.

But tell to Oh Mighty Mountains
Them who have made me red
& now are seeing me walk to be dead.
Remember the fallen blood weeps,
Blood never sleeps.

Idyllic Life

To walk on & breath the sweet odor of rain,
In my unknown hamlet ,own grounds.
How calm it makes,If pastoral I could live,
bereft of uncaring town surrounds.

Blest would be I to,walk in the rain,
neither run,nor hide ,but unwind.
As a stroll when its pouring would make me free,
of conundrums dwelling in my mind.

And I wish my GOD on my ground I live
be bucolic ,walk the rain.
with the easing charm of the falling pours,soothing my life,
blase of City life bane.

Let me thrive nameless,unsung
In the falling rains,may my breaths lie,
Placidly would I pass my days
Uncried,Obscure but happy will I die.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Are you afraid of yourself
that you'll outshine your mediocrity
meliorating your ability
Thence society'd shun you as they do always,
to them who out do it,cerebrate.
Remember society in its own
joys of self-righteousness is inebriate

Remember old man Copernicus,
made to drink Poison for church's name,
who said It is not earth
the center of universe
but is,just a part.
The truth it is out
& dropped of the precipice.

The church,the society.
They could not believe him.
its not true against the norms.
They had him behind the bars
because of there whims.
Is this the society
you want a part to be.

And he is not the only man,
they've come & gone
& even Prophets were not spared.
Jesus was hanged,
For Hoi Pollois sanctity
Wasn't he great too.
But such is our society.

You are GODs child do not forget,
How can you not let
his glory be sent all around,
your playing small
would not serve the purpose,
Do not shrink so that others around you do not feel
insecure dead tumulus .

Let your light shine through
because when you let it too,
you give others
with yourself a chance to redeem,
to prove themselves
to go through.

Do not thrive to be equal,
be a step advance.
So that the world grows with you,
For once give your self a chance.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Don't seek to fall in love with me.

You'd desire ,
to have glistening star at your palms.
Perhaps a few nibbles of the morning cloud,
Whereas I live in darkness exist on alms.
And my clouds here
they don't glisten,they just rain & flee
So this is what I'd have to plea
Don't seek to fall in love with me.

I have forgotten all the prayers,
have discarded every hope,
To alter life more certain,
truth is from what I had to elope.
Liven as dead & aspiring depravity.
But you'd like to have
hope,joy & glee.
Don't seek to fall in love with me.

You still have a way out now,
It would still be considered a silly err,
after a while they would call you names,
as is done with me,they'll rub you slur.
How would you
abandon your dignity like me,
wouldn't that be a little tough for thee,
Don't seek to fall in love with me.

It's been ages since I had a laugh,
happy was what,I never had a chance to be.
Seasons changed into years time rolled on,
melancholy was the only solace I could see.
And you,you are used to
laugh on sweet nothings,
how would you turn your life gloomy,
Don't seek to fall in love with me.

Neither do I remember,
when I last had a breath.
For sustaining a life,
not for coming close to death.
Nor I know
what I ate other than my sorrowful blithe.
Dear You are used to living with Smiles & sumptuosity,
Not used to any such ascetic agony,
Don't seek to fall in love with me.

Laments On Loss Of Love-Raj & Pari

This Post is a joint Effort By Me & A Dear Friend Pari,A 60-40 effort towards her.

By River Teesta as he stood
smoking a cigar in the evening's hood
of the dark night to unfold
his life's thoughts & moments on the threshold
glowed somewhere far, a lamp of charcoal
he saw in its depths murky waters sink in
but the shallow banks had clear streams rolling
The little fish there jumped in gay abandon
joyous of the company of fresh waters random
while the black deep saw the twirls & the foam.
And, there he stood, all alone! Deranged?
Their need, their reason for existence could not be exchanged !
Thoughts riveting back to those scarlet days,
When hope was alive, with love in his ways
But now the anguish of revealing the truth of it all,
She is not in love with him, oh the merciless hurt ,the fall.
To look at the fishes swimming with the flow,
The joy of their swim,the river on whom stars glow.
They are elated even to float that way,
They don't desire,to move nor to sway
Staring in the waters with the heart busy thinking though..
In the irony of her beauty even the stars seems to bow..
Unaware of the tears falling from the dreaming visions..
Swimming in shallow, the soothing, want to make him listen..
The fact he must know, a smile again he must preach..
Stars on our face do glow, but forgiveness is what we want to teach..
A lone star you wish to stay, but reality of existence is all so fake..
You praised the silence in whatever we spake,
But no more deep has remained the lake..
Thought then he, aloud of his whim
If the fish in the stream, with new waters everyday, swim
Without the desires they have to hold on
To what is now woebegone
And the stars reflect on the river
As if GOD has blessed them forever.
Then he should too swim like a friend on the shore
A friend he would be, just a friend, and no more.

"All that is left wid us, nay ME, is yet, a lost another day..
We are not losing the hope to live, nor sardonically do our smiles away..
Happy we are to see a new day with the rising sun..
Forgetting the grief we felt last night, moving on again, life again on the run!"
Threw he then, the burning cigar in the cold waters of Teesta
Flicked out the keys for his open jeep to go through a vista
With one stroke, the vehicle roared alive
Yes, he had to go, let go, far away drive
Into the wisdom of the dawn of the fading night
The long alley had to unwind many a moments dark & light.
~ BY Pari & Raj Shekhar Sen

I am obliged & Thankful,That you found me worthy of your association,Girl.

Thanks Partner.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ode To A flea

Mighty flea,
who can I write a hymn on but thee,
Shall I compare thee to the winged fairy
or the gentle blood suckling vampire,
Well its true thee suck blood
but its just a pint or two,
& those who call the fly
a menace just conspire.

The flying Elysian,
art thou from heaven,
no how can it be,
you belong to this earth
just like me,
the gift of almighty to we.
but never do debile human
realize thou worth,

How can anthropiclings call Flea just
a mindless sucker,
but you absorb the unused
worthless out from us,
shouldn't then
we call thee
provider of
loving buss

But look at us the despicable thankless
we call flea names
saying things we should seldom utter to
beings as lofty as skeeter
but then thee do realize,
we are just as powerless in front of divine epizoon
as was Napoleon in Waterloo

The droning warrior,
is there anything the flea fear.
How ignorant can I be,
some Obama named bully,
used a weapon to execute thee
but I apologies
it was just too advertise
that he could slain the same way all the terrorist with plain glee
as he did to the lonely weak flea.

But oh when thee sting,
sting with flea anger
Proving to all
weather Obama or Joe the plumber
the dangerous wrath
to every man.
They'll forget this way
to swat you & say,
"Yes We can"..
"Yes We can"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Female In Love

She Could Not Fathom It,
It Wasn't Like This Before
Or Was it always
& was just she
who refused to see it,afore.

But all Was mushy & merry
At The beginning,
Sweet Nothings On the Phone for endless hours
For long wide & far
talking of Nothing & Everything.
But The Calls now Like his expressions
Were Becoming lesser & mar.

She thought It was Just Her mind
that Is used to flinching
thinking of the ship being sinking
Dreaming the of this trash
But Now she Could See It.
all is going too crash.

After The Initial Flame
Died down,
rarely would they chat
where one of them would Not spat
& Now he had Not called her
it had Been a week.
She was Angry & hurt
everything looked bleak

How Could He do it,
She thought,
she had been a blind Buffoon.
Living in her cocoon.
He was Always yelping
busy was his second name,
he couldn't save Time
How could she blame.

Then She tried to trust,
But how he always had time
for every other thing,He must.
what if He Was shafting
since the start
may be he was just playing with her,
perhaps he never loved her through heart

Oh!! what A fool
she had Been to let her be a tool
Not To understand then,
but now it was clear,
It'll Not Work This way.
She would not let herself
cry all night & day.

Why should She care,
when He does Not,it was know naked bare
Why Should She be The one
To pick up it all,
She should rather let him go,
perhaps she'll leave Him
once it for all

Ah..!!! The Phone rings..
She picks It Up..
He sighs,
"Hi...!! I Know I Have Not Been Good.
But I Missed You
All These whiles
I Really Did
You know last night I cried like a kid"

She Could Not Hear
Anything After that,
He Missed her
He Did...
She was crying But
she was happy,happy like a kid.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh! My Country you are Great

Twenty sixth was the day...a few bullets woke us up
& many went to sleep.
May be a bullet reached us too,
made of anger,pain & agony.
But then..was just a bullet,wasn't it.
may be someone just plugged it out from us,
now we are not anguished annoyed anymore.
back to our older lives daily chore
of earning ,eating,love & hate.
Oh! My Country you are Great.

This land belongs to Farmers they say,
growing crops & a bit of hay,
but now they have started to kill
themselves off.
but who cares,
we get our grains from distant shores lands far off
made of their scientific rains.
Lives of farmers,that doesn't scoff.
Peasants let them blate.
Oh! My Country you are Great.

Some of them do make a hue & cry
for there needs & want,
but the authorities
and its power is when flaunt,
they die & we just ask why.
People who do not come on screens
or e mails aren't Humans for us anymore.
What Lalgadh or nandigram
we don't have time,we can't wait.
Oh! My Country you are Great.

There is an India beyond the periphery
of our homes too,
But for us,its just the men in blue,
to clap & cheer for them,
just them,would that do.
Three million still sleep hungry,
Girls still immolated for dowry.
But thinking of them wouldn't vex Mate.
Oh! My Country

...you are Great...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Equal Rains

Letting everything be dripped,Into them
As if someone saying from above,
That all are equal to him
All can get wet

Rain falls never divide
Just like those droplets,
Droplets which encapsulates you into them,
Touching you,caressing you all while
And making you smile

Then why don't you smile,
Why your hearts never trickle with rains.

Writer's Block

When my words fail me,
there's nothing
to look forward to
& even to feel.
For it is my words
which cater me life
its hope.
It is my words which
let me fight the world
its bitterness
& keep me going don't let me kneel
My words,they heal.

when my words fail me,
nothings left to try
not even the breeze with all
its care can cheer
neither the face with
love & smiles
but to wait in melancholy
to breath heavy
to grope solitude
see the rusted winds
to moan & sigh.
For it is my words unstraining me
& making me fly.

when my words fail me
the shadows turn gloomy
everything is so worthless
The earth does go round
but does it matter to me.
Somedays when they do fail
nobody laughs anymore
there's no pain,
I turn numb
neither am I reasonable nor insane
they are my life,they are my blood.
My words complete me,
without which I am absurd.

When my words fail me
a void creeps in
without any me
free of any worldly you
as when my words fail me
I fail too....

Friday, July 10, 2009

Blind & Insane , Me

And again
they crusade for
there faith,
as if it is a toy,
mine better than his,
providing greater joy
As if my GOD would give me
his bread,
& accepting mine than
would render him
place to live,clothes to cover.
What if he doesn't
well,a life of death a voyage to suffer.

But Oh!! mighty Lord
why can't I see the
difference between them,
their broken lives
distorted mind.
Perhaps it is me who is insane,
it is me who is blind.

I know they are
different though,
but I see
the same reap,the same sow
& my eye yells & cries,
Look they have the same colour,
same face ,same eyes

& if they laugh
which they rarely do now
they have the same facade
of smile too,
the same curve is in their brow.
But it is not true,
they are unlike.

Their books are,
& so is
their smiles,their pain.
GOD must've created them dissimilar.
It is me who is blind
perhaps also insane.
& I can just see blood flowing,
that too from both of them,
the same hue of red,
which keeps growing
But I am sure
it is different too,
it must be,it has to.
Blood can't go vain.

Oh!! What a grim blind Am I....
....Blind & Insane....

Thursday, July 9, 2009


T'was a sun filled morn,
when passing through the country way.
My eyes fell on the divine florets,
I could just stare & pray.

"Is it the daisy from Eden" mulled I.
I saw the blossoms of hundred moon.
The dawning dew made it look like that
or a nightingale's soothing croon

How could I gather the courage to move,
for what if the panorama eroded.
To stay near bliss for a moment too long,
to refill my life,as life had turned jaded.

But had to desert the enlivened daisy
with a heavy glum heart,
couldn't give my work a miss,had to leave the beauteous song
with hope of coming back to it,when the moon would rise & start.

I came back before the sun fell down
To inhale the paradise in red
Alas! could not dare to stare at it
when saw it numb & dead

But oh! my fallen Lily you taught me a thing on life,
that we all come for a few whiles
& while at earth we should spread the joy
giving others the potion of love we have & a life made of smiles

A Man Died

I wrote it because I do not know what is wrong or correct but I know that there are certain things no matter how much you have weighed them in your thoughts you find yourself lost after committing them.

"A Man died"
Depicts how a man no matter how reluctant & how correct by his standards to do something is still wrong & yet no man is wrong if we take into account the circumstances.

in front of him it lay
It is a gift by the well wishers
said they.
But could he take it,
wasn't it evil.
questions came
& went past his mind
But shouldn't he respond,
it was unbecoming of him to be unkind.

Then remembering all those times
of childhood present & lures
when mom said,you can never have
over which theirs no right of yours.
Having something
that way
is like stealing
& you cannot be a thief
lest you want to blot
the family name by your mischief.

But oh!! lust oh satanic lust!!
he wanted it so badly
& did he wish it was his,
if it was he would take it up gladly.
it was something which could be
a panacea to all his ills.
Goodness on the other side said ,
what cure can poison do.
Alcohol is good just for a few loose moments.
For rest
it just torments.

The conundrum,the confusion almost killed
But the face of his daughter
came to him
yet to be wedded to be given at the altar
they need money for it
don't they.
To give somebody in order to
get the guy to buy her or wed her
whatever they say.
he didn't care
it was what society had designed
& he was no one to question to waiver.

He would rather have it
why wouldn't he,
What had he got for not accepting gifts.
They were so real so true,he could see.
Unlike those false
morals mocking myths.
He placed a hand over them
to feel them ,the smell
Oh! so intoxicating like an age old wine,
yet so new as if he knew it well.

He took it,The bribe
& exonerated,sighed.
That day a Man died.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Oh!! mighty human tell what is there to live for
but not thy dreams
& to breath for
but humanity.
To touch every soul
so its core is purified,
to feel heaven
to pray divinity.

Oh!! the most baron specie say What thee aspire
if not the greatest of joy.
But is it derived from
money,gold or any worldly toy.
It is to be made through the love of
meek,the weak the tired the lost.
Make them feel special,
special at any eldritched cost.

Oh!! noetic wight What would thee have,
for thy is the whole length of universe.
Though it is to be earned by the arduousness of your work
& not by any manner else regardless how terse,
paying through that cherished sweat
then to give it back to the mortals of earth
knowing that thee could have had all of it,but for the smile of those for whom
thou just threw & presented as a gift,coginited by that unsaid inner mirth

Oh!! children of the LORD be humble
& thee will know that almighty is with thou
for how can he love those who brag who boast.
but not you,who loved him back who did bow
to infer that everything thy had
was actually his
& everything at which thee failed
was his Wish.

Friday, July 3, 2009


We often divide ourselves into borders & countries forgetting that the souls residing both sides of it are Humans with the same smiles,sadness,pains & love.This post is to make us understand that their is something Beyond Borders

Their moon is not like ours,perhaps..
Sun too does not lit & burns this way,
Days are referred as Nights & Nights as Days by them,Perhaps.

This is why we live within our lines,our boundaries..

When dad comes back from his work,he never hugs his kids there,perhaps.
Mother never lets them eat out of her hands,
They have coined new words for Love,Care & Faith ,perhaps.

This is why we live within our lines,our boundaries..

Rains do not make them smile ,perhaps
& the winds which blow from our sides,burns into their hearts
instead the borders prevent the winds from intruding into their territory,perhaps.

This is why we live within our lines,our boundaries..

Love does not tenderizes their hearts,perhaps.
Hatred goes so deep in them afterall.
It is only we & only we who want serenity & peace

This is why we live within our lines,our boundaries..

They are not much fond of kids,perhaps
& even elderlies aren't respected that way.
Presumably they aren't that human,perhaps

This is why we live within our lines,our boundaries..

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I wrote it keeping in mind the situation a child would face in inhuman conditions where people live rather just slowly die worse off than animals.Places like Sudan....

An Ode to their tragedy...

The end beckons
it is inevitable
& the truth is
I long for it
I know it would render
the peace,
ataraxis that never could
I have had
in the lifeless existence,that myth.
I was bestowed with.
perhaps it would wash me of my sins
make it even
sins owed for which
I was allowed to have
a dead liven
never did I knew
when I committed them
as in this life
I was not allowed to breath
let alone to
have perpetrated some crime
to have a lifelike death.

I have felt this
hollowness inside,
rotating ,convulsing,
ever since
I opened my eyes
to the world
& now it feels
I would be engulfed into it.
Perhaps that would
better be,
may be the pain
would die down,
along with me.

Oh food,
yes they sometimes
talked of it,
My mother died wailing for which.
I haven't seen
what it looks like
how is its face,
but I know its beautiful.
As everytime
I am closer to being numb
they drop something in my mouth
to be licked & yelp
& say
"Proper food could help."
But now they have no hope,
they say
I wouldn't be alive much long,
If this life
& its ways by which you live,
then how is death wrong.

The hollowness grows,
void inside me flows,
In moments
not far from now
I'll have a peaceful end
Perhaps this is what they mean when
they say that
Death is GOD send.