Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hungry Souls

For All Those Who Slept Hungry Tonight

He saw them
those who could eat in gobbles
because even on better days
his story was nibbles.
Then they threw the foods
unnecessary to them uneaten thrown bit
& he saw the dogs
devouring & fighting over it.
He wasn't jealous
for the dogs in view
were almost as hungry as him,he knew.

He saw them
when they came,on certain days ,
photographing everything giving breads to him
uplifting there selves in there own special social ways.
But then these days were far& few
On most other days,
it was just looking at them,& the food they threw
watching the blessed dogs .
from the other side of road
looking at them for food & board.

He saw them,
then the dogs & the food slew
trying to fathom who he was closer too.


angel from heaven said...

Very well written.


Aparajita Bhattacharya (Administrator) said...

Touching poem. It's incredible how you have managed to slip into the shoes of a hungry child. Well done, but I hope you don't get complacent. Keep trying to do better.

prerna said...

a poem on a very sensitive issue,,,i have no words,,,heart wrenching indeed!!