Friday, May 29, 2009


Remember those rains,remember them when we met for the first time,
tiny droplets of rain fell into your face
then they seeped in to my hand,
hands which were on your cheeks.
Those drops have become oceans now.

That half bloomed rose,
which I had stolen to gift you,
a thorn of it had pricked you ,had suckled it into my lips
& said to you " tastes sweet",
even today I can taste it at the corners of my lips.

Those two-dime Ice creams,
which we had together.
Oh! how you loved them,
I always could have just a bite,
it was for you after all.
Those ice creams they don't taste good any more,
they've turned bitter with time.

Remember me smiling,singing.
& how you always said "grow up."
have grown up.
perhaps a little late .
though I am not anymore in the habit of getting wet in rains,
the gardener next door he still gives me a rose everyday,
although I cannot have the ice cream any more,
can't have it,never was much into it was I?
Yes,I do keep it beneath your framed picture everyday
besides that half-bloomed rose.


JAYEETA said...

ice creams, roses hmmm man u r actlly maikng simple things appear so special loved this one

Adisha said...

Wow !! This one blew my mind ...

sajith viswam said...

hey hey u r writing a lot a poems these days... this one also no different..superb!!
keep goin..