Thursday, May 28, 2009


To look at the morning sun
in the distant horizon.
thinking for how Long
it has appeared
to lighten Up our lives,
letting us hear its morning song.
things It has Witnessed,while it shone
Perhaps The Only witness to every human ever born.
Knower of all the passed smiles,
every tear that ever fell,every human guile's
Sun...Oh!! Sun how glowing are thee,
will continue To do so,
even after Me.
& I wouldn't be here to see.
To see,each while I am down.
then It'll not Brighten up for me,
as I won't be around.
A day when death Would engulf me.
then what is the sense in vying
to be successful?
What is life anyways,If not dying.
Centuries ago a man found fire,
We still use it.But is he still here
to see us use that everyday,
to watch the fulfillment of his desire
to smile at his Achievement.
to laugh make merriment
Still how many of us Think of Him.
Everyday We Drive by
but do we ever think of that man Who created The Wheels?
years pass like days,
men come & go,
leaving solitary suns rays
with no Trace of themselves,to show.
is it of any Worth,then.
I Think then Why am I Doing All of this?
& Then my eyes fall on the roadside
A father teaching his son,how to walk
he smiles At him,the kid reciprocates
I Again Look back
at that Sun,
Now with a smile.
I know Why,
I fight, I work,I aspire,I run.

Blessed be thou,my holy teacher.Oh! Sun.

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sajith viswam said...

Very true!!! brilliant thought presented in a great poetry!!
u r blessed dude with poetry!!